Tension Headaches

Most of us will experience a headache at some point in our lives with over 7 million Australians having tension headaches. They can be a debilitating affliction with symptoms ranging from persistent and dull pain to mild light and noise sensitivity which can lead to anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and difficulty with concentration.

Treatment ranges from reducing stress, balancing life and work, hydration, meditation and breathing exercises, acupuncture, stretching and general exercise, over the counter medication, physiological treatment to uncover emotional causes, and in severe cases prescription medications.

The use of acupuncture to treat tension headaches provides a drug free alternative which can be long-lasting, increasing your overall quality of life, without the side effects of conventional treatment with studies in both Germany and the UK showing it to be cost-effective for chronic conditions.

But as always sometimes the simplest treatment is the most effective; in this case look at increasing hydration by drinking more water and lifestyle changes in both work and leisure to improve posture and reduce your overall stress, which is one of the leading causes of tension headaches.


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